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Solo Work


Sonata for Solo Viola
Live at Herzt Hall, November 2006

Live at Herzt Hall, February 6, 2008

Homage to Bach
Solo based on Bach G-major Suite, Courante Movement
Live at Herzt Hall, February 6, 2008
V1Still (score)

Serene/Primal from Nils Bultmann on Vimeo.

Live concert, Overture Center Promenade Hall - June 18, 2008

"Foreshadowing by Nils Bultmann: Studio Gracia SF. CA from Nils Bultmann on Vimeo.

Nils Bultmann performs "Foreshadowing" at Studio Gracia.
A Salon evening hosted by Levy Dance
Aug. 8th 2008

This material is based on the 1st Movement of the Nils Bultmann Viola Concerto


Live Performances

February 2nd, 2007 - Herzt Hall, UC Berkeley

Lucid     Ruby     Joy

November, 2006 - Minneapolis, MN

Solo Studio Work

Selections from "Forgiveness"

Additional Studio Works

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